Jennie Sealy Hospital

The 13 level, 758,677 square foot hospital is being built on site of the previous Jennie Sealy building which suffered damage during Hurricane IKE. All productive areas of the hospital will be 25 feet above sea level and will consist of 250 hospital rooms, 20 operating suites and a 54 bed intensive care unit. The Zero Six Team continues to provide Plan Review, Quality Control, Commissioning services and Windstorm Inspections to ensure this facility has a quality envelope system, which will perform at the highest level if challenged in the future by another hurricane. Project currently in progress.

Zayed Building for Specialized Care

Located on the site of the former University of Texas Mental Sciences Institute, the 12 story, 615,000 sf facility is slated for completion in August 2014. William A. Daigneau, vice president of facilities and operations management at MD Anderson— “its layout is highly functional and flexible…It will also be extremely efficient and one of the greenest facilities on campus."  Zero/Six is providing 3rd party peer review of drawings, onsite quality control and commissioning of the building envelope. Project currently in progress.

Mid Campus Building 1, MD Anderson Cancer Center

The unique appearance of this 1.4 million sf, 26-level facility has changed the face of the Texas Medical Center. The facility houses multiple MD Anderson corporate offices as well as the central computer system for the entire MDACC system. During design, Zero/Six Consulting, LLC (Bill Coltzer, Jr.) was one of the Architect’s of record for building envelope documents. Additionally, Zero/Six designed and constructed two full size mock-ups. Project completed 2011.

bp High-Performance Computing center

The new High-Performance Computing center, scheduled to open mid-2013 at BP's Westlake Campus in Houston will be a 110,000 SF, three story facility. The facility will house the largest super-computing complex for commercial research in the world. The facility will serve as a worldwide hub for processing and managing geologic and seismic data. Zero/Six is providing 3rd party Drawing review and Commissioning of the Building Envelope. Performance testing, roof uplift and water infiltration chamber testing are being performed on site by Z6.